Become Retailer

Become Retailer

If you are interested in our work and wish to become a PG reseller, do not be shy ... just contact us by email at:

Some photos of your shop, the brands with whom you work and the reason why you want to work with us (we work a lot to the emotional), will allow us to answer you as soon as possible.

Our Perfumer is productive, our catalog is vast ... and if you have understood the Concept PG ... it is also what makes our identity...

But do not panic, to start with us, we ask that our brand be represented at our Partenair's Shop through a minimum selection of 15 fragrances (in 2 sizes), some products of the home fragrances and body collection...

Take a look at our partners: the selection is growing quite fast without us pushing ... there is a trick, right?

Looking forward to working with you soon.